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Enjoy Relaxing Spa at Sambi Resort, Spa & Resto

Sambi Resort & Spa has a cozy atmosphere, quiet and unique, with the concept of returning to nature surrounded by rice fields and plantations is the only form of resort hotels in Yogyakarta which has extensive and beautiful gardens. Traversed by the river with the rush of the water makes it convenient for any guest staying well and hold events at Sambi Resort & Spa. Every guest who was at Sambi Resort & Spa to be pampered well as body treatments that are within a hotel environment. Performed by professional spa therapist and fatigue experiences so everything can be lost.


Taste delicious cuisine at Sambi Resort, Spa & Resto

Overnight guest or organize activities at Sambi Resort & Spa can witness firsthand the process of rice planting or harvesting rice and and can interact directly with farmers.


Merapi Meeting Room at Sambi Resort, Spa & Resto

A variety of activities and hotel packages available for guests can be an alternative option for overnight and held activities at Sambi Resort & Spa with the support and services the hotel staff were friendly and professional.